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Pastor Phisanunart (PN), Guest Speaker; Miami

Pastor Phisanunart (PN), Guest Speaker; Miami


During the month of July 12-19, 2010 Pastor Phitsanunart Srithawong of Hope of Bangkok Church was invited as a guest speaker in a Pastor’s conference in Miami, Florida.  Pastor PN taught on church planting, the Pastors attending where from various states and a group from Brazil.  Each person was zealous and enthusiastic in worshiping the Lord and in responding to the teachings.

Something that Pastor shared from this experience came from seeing a large church building which in the past was flourishing with around 900 members has gone down to 5 members at the present.  From this we can see the significance of making disciples saying

“We must build a sustainable church, we cannot build a church that will die with us”. 


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  1. mindawals says:

    สวัสดีค่า ขอยืมบทความไปลงบ้างนะคะ
    คริสตจักรความหวังกรุงเทพฯ รักอาจารย์พีเอ็นคะ อาจารย์ พิษณุนาท ศรีทะวงศ์

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