Hope of Bangkok Church อาจารย์ พิษณุนาท ศรีทะวงศ์ | อาจารย์ สุนีย์ ศรีทะวงศ์ | อาจารย์ สมทบ เหล่านิยมไทย


My Hope family โดย อาจารย์ พิษณุนาท ศรีทะวงศ์ ศิษยาภิบาล

About hope

Hope Church Introduction

Hope Church is an apostolic church planting movement that started in Bangkok, Thailand on Sept 6, 1981.  It begun with a vision to fulfill the Great Commission by building strong and biblical people, to build strong and biblical churches, in our city, in our country, and all around the world.
Presently in Bangkok we are worshipping in the Indra Hotel Grand Ballroom with two jam packed services, prayer meeting and many Bible study programs on Sunday.  Each service we see people coming forward to the alter call, to give their life to the Lord.  Since day one we have not had one Sunday service without a Salvation commitment, some Sundays as many as 50 – 60 salvations and the number is growing.  Not only that, but though-out the week there will be one-on-one shepherding, where every single person receives person intense discipleship training to grow in the Lord.  Also each person will be part of a cell group, we call them Care Groups, each person in the group will be able to help one another and each person will be able to grow by serving God and using their gifts in the Care Groups.
We will come together many times through-out the year for Pastor’s Conferences, or Bibles conferences, to study the Word, to be refreshed and reminded of the vision.  Also every year, we will have the annual Celebration of Hope Camp, where every member from all over the World and Thailand will come together to Celebrate in the Word of God, and great fellowship, this year over eight-thousand people came together, it was an wonderful time in the presence of God we saw healings and our lives where changed by his presence.
Now we are traveling all over the world with the vision, to plant strong and biblical churches in every nation of the world, by building strong and biblical people in each country of the world, we believe that what God has begun he will continue to do, and use us to be blessing to the body of Christ.

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