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We have just returned from David Camp “Willing Soldier”. Every single attendee enjoyed it immensely, and I strongly believe that good things are happening in our lives. The preaching, teaching and all the activities were extra-ordinary good; people of all ages were able to take part.
All the leaders who made it to the end were awarded with a David Camp Badge, and for all the members who did not yet receive, but desire to receive one, I believe you will soon be able to receives your badge after you begin to fulfill your leadership role.
It is my heart to see every member become a leader in the near future, just as God and your leader honor and expect in you.
Thursday the July 29th we had our seventh and final breakthrough prayer session of this series, there was 2 preachers including Dr. David Williams from America and Ps. Simon Thanongsak of Thailand. The meeting at the Indra Hotel was packed out as many were willing to sit on the floor, despite the heavy rain and slow traffic it was not an obstacle for those who came, and still there were many who came up afterward to receive Jesus as Lord and savior.
The next series of Breakthrough prayer entitled “Super Hero” will begin Aug. 19, at Indra Hotel, Pratu Nam, 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Continue to check the details and updates on our website and also my facebook account.
May each one who logs on to our website see the anointing and blessing of God in your life.
Quote : “Not just anyone can be a leader, not just anyone who wants to be a pastor can be, but it is only by the calling and choosing of God, it is no accident, it only comes from the anointing and you can be a leader of leaders, a pastor of pastors”.


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